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Ashton Glenn is a great community of 218 homes. We are proud of our active community of friendly people working together for everyone's benefit....


  Attention Homeowners:  A new Architectural Control

  Committee "Application For Alteration Of The Exterior

  Appearance of a Structure" Form is now available. 

  Go to the AGHOA Governing Documents Page to

  download the form. 



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It is the Homeowner's responsibility to:

Keep the swales clean of vegetation, debris or 
anything that would stop water flow. 

 Keep the drainage gates, whether large or small, 
free of anything that would interfere with water 
flow. Neighbors helping neighbors and notifying 
them of problems is the best solution we have of 
keeping our drainage water flowing properly. 

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                Please - Speed limit

                   25 MPH




                  Need to know?

The role of your Ashton Glenn HOA Board? 
Check the Articles Page

The Revised Architectural Control Committee 
Guidelines and new application for submission 
of requests to the committee?

Contact:  Ron Dreese  (843)-215-4271

Check the Committee Page.

CRobert Miller []Contac 


Wanted: Website Sponsors

Do you work for a company that might like to be a sponsor?

The cost is only $25/year for Ashton Glenn Residents.

Check out the sponsor’s page on

Your company can have their ad copied as they choose.

Contact Tom Palmieri at 215-1456.


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The Architectural Control Committee is looking for residents to serve on the committee.




To remind everyone of the "Dog Rules of the Road"
Owners are expected to clean up after their pet - common areas, sidewalks, and roads included.

Dogs are not permitted on any yards except their own and the common areas.

It does not matter if you have a large or small dog. It is still a dog.

It does not matter if someone else doesn't follow these rules, you are expected to set a better example.




Your Street Light
In case a street light in your area is
not working,here is what to do….
at the base of the light there may be
the letters “LO”followed by a number.
Santee Cooperat 347-3399 and report this number.
If there is no number,give the address closest to the light.

They will make repairs.
Heart Attack, Stroke & Cardiac Arrest Warning Sign
Quick Links:
Cardiac Arrest Warning Signs
List your "For Sale" items on the Ashton Glenn Web Site.
  • Items for sale by Ashton Glenn residents only.
  • Items will be listed for three weeks or until notified by resident to remove.
  • No commercial sales please.
  • List item, description, price, contact name and email or give to Tom Palmieri.
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Photo of the new Ashton Glenn Neighborhood sign at the entrance to our development.
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   Lost & Found Items  


Send email to or notify Tom Palmieri, and please give a

complete description of the item, when and where lost (or found), and a

contact name and telephone number.





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